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Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Moon Jongup.


140705 Korea Speed Festival
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9/100 gifs of Jang Dongwoo: Cutie at a photoshoot


Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

If Youngjae was your boyfriend // for photojaenic { insp. [x] }


i’m not a fan of yunjae. but her drawings are beautiful

cr: Micsy’s Fanart


Leave them alone…

what i've learnt from yaoi manga

uke: why is my heart beating so fast? why do i get angry when i see him with girls?
uke: *seme kisses him*
uke: why did he kiss me? what could it possibly mean?
uke: *sees him interact with other human beings*
uke: he's popular... he's probably just toying with me... why should i care about him anyway? but why does my heart race when i see him? why do i only like it when he touches me?
uke: *seme bangs him at random place*
uke: where are you fingers going?! no, stop! n - no, s - s - stop
uke: *continues letting seme do things to him*
seme: you're not being honest with yourself... *cue sadistic smirk*
*after sex*
uke: why did he do that? what were his intentions? why could he possibly want to have sex with me? *the idea that he just wanted to or that seme likes him never crosses his mind*
*repeat for a few chapters*
uke: *sees him interact with some more human beings*
uke: i guess he really was just toying with me
seme: *bangs uke again*
uke: why you do the thing?
seme: do you still not get it?